Beeswax Based Natural Skincare

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Muscle Ease has the essential oil of Peppermint which is a natural anti-inflammatory with a cooling effect. Great to use on tired sore feet and general aches and pains. It is perfect for massaging muscles of the body with. It can be used on your common skin conditions as well.  It is particularly useful if you suffer from Haemorrhoids. It will give immediate cooling relief. Remember, all Vivi Organics skincare is highly moisturising and full of antioxidants which means getting rid of free radicals in and on your skin. The oils contain natural vitamins which will assist in the rebuilding of skin cells at the molecular level.

Natural Beeswax Moisturiser has Lavender added to help calm and relax those who use it.   The lavender also assists in natural healing because it is antiseptic. A lot of the folk use it on their faces prior to going to bed because it helps them relax and sleep better.  The moisturising oils will help soften and reduce the effects of wrinkles because they are full of antioxidants and Vitamin E.  Once again just remember it is very suitable to use on all your common skin problems including cuts, grazes, light burns, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, dry itchy skin and much more.


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